20.06.2009: Major updates
Added information about Satyricon promo release - "Black Crow On A Tombstone" single, together with "Black Crow On A Tombstone" video clip. Band line-up updated. Promo phots from The Age Of Nero session and Moscow 2008 live convert are placed to the gallery.

29.08.2008: The Age Of Nero
Brand new Satyricon album "The Age Of Nero" will be released by Roadrunner Records on the 3rd of November 2008.

01.06.2008: My Skin Is Cold
New Satyricon EP "My Skin Is Cold" (as 7" gatefold vinyl and a 5 track CD) is out on the 2nd of June 2008 on Roadrunner Records (world) / Indie Recordings (Norway).

16.02.2007: Tour of America coming soon
Hello everyone, it's been a while... We have so much news for you on the new album in writing and many stories to tell from our visits to Australia and Japan. We'll fill you in on that later. Finally the necesarry permits and paperwork have been sorted on Frost's behalf and we are now ready to come over to America again. Seems like it will be a small run of three weeks starting with a few days in south america for the first time before we come over the U.S. This will most likely take place between mid-april and second week of May. We'll keep you posted of course.

22.11.2006: International album of the year
Satyricon picked up the award for the "Best Internation album" at the Danish Metal Awards (metal branch of the Danish Music Awards) last Saturday in Copenhagen. Satyr was present at the show to receive the award. Satyricon is currently in Sweden playing shows and will play Århus and Copenhagen, Denmark this weekend.

06.11.2006: Photos + new interview
Photos from latest "Tour Diabolical 2006": Also, read new interview with Frost done by Roadrunner Records UK

02.11.2006: Scandinavian Diabolical kick off today
The opening show is in Lillestrøn, Norway today. The set list will change quite a lot from show to show as we have covered most of Norway already on this record. We're also playing old and new songs that we did not play during the festival season. People keep asking, and yes; we are carrying a new line of merchandise on this tour. There will be local support on several of the shows on this tour.

We are also confirmed as one of the headliners at Sweden's House Of Metal Festival in February.

Russia was a fucking blast! St.-Petersburg was almost sold out and it was truly a monumental city which gave you a feeling of what Russia must have been like during the Soviet Union. Moscow was the most sold out show we have experiensed in a while and the show was delayed almost 2 hours, just to get everyone inside. Great crowd and a special vibe! We'll be back.

Competition winners for Gjallarhorn in Oslo on Saturday have been chosen and the two winners have receieved info via e-mail.

20.10.2006: Major update!
Scandinavian Diabolical, Australian tour dates and Japanese tour dates posted here. We are extremely happy to announce the Australian and Japanese shows in particular as we have never been to any of these countries before. Australian shows are already on sale and Japanese shows right around the corner if not already. Sahg will NOT be supporting Satyricon on Scandinavian Diabolical as announced on posters. It is undecided yet who will replace them, but there will be a replacement for them on most shows. On Monday we have our first rehearsal with the horned division of Kringkastingsorkesteret and Oslo Filharmoniske orkester and it is something we can't wait to get started on. Gjallarhorn at Sentrum Scene will be Satyricon in a way you have never heard us before.

Post tour report has been added as well:

Getting online and uploading pictures throughout Europe did not prove itself as easy as we expected! Sorry about that. Well, we're back home now and we are glad to state that this was easily the most succesful Satyricon tour ever. more than 1/3 of the shows were sold out and most of them really well-attended. Playing 31 shows in 5 weeks was rough, but also very rewarding because of the response from the audience. One would assume that black metal fans tend to like the same group of bands in the way that a Satyricon fan is for example a Darkthrone fan and vice versa. Point is that none of us have ever seen such good crowds at other black metal shows. We are starting to think that Satyricon fans are better than other black metal fans! Or maybe it is what we do together, band and fans? It does not matter. It is just very very enjoyable that the shows went so well and that you, the fans, seemed to be so happy.

We would like to think that the band fine-tuned and improved small bits and pieces throughout the tour and that is good stuff that we will bring with us into the next shows. It was also very cool to play songs like A new enemy and To the mountains for the first time. Woods to eternity came out of the closet again too.

Working out and eating better than on previous tours helped us keep in better shape to live up to the standards we set for ourselves. Unfortunately we had the most pathetic tour bus in the world and that certainly drained us from a lot of energy, so a lot of the time during the day was spent relaxing and sleeping to make up for lack of the sleep on the bus. It's kind of hard to sleep inside a washing machine. Due to this there was not a whole lot of sightseeing going on during the day, but we got to go the Giger Museum in Switzerland which was as impressive as you would imagine! Switzerland as a whole is beatiful. Newcastle seemed to be a place with a certain atmosphere as well. Eastern Europe was a whole new and very cool experience. We would like to thank everyone that we worked with on this tour and everyone who came out the shows and displayed your energy and power. A special salute goes out to the French fans for your sincere enthusiasm and dedicatiion.

On another note "Now, Diabolical" has been nominated for "International Album Of The Year" at the Danish Metal Awards 2006 which takes place in Copenhagen on the 18th of November.

14.10.2006: Photos update
Another series of photos from "Tour Diabolical 2006":

22.09.2006: Photos update
Photos from Birmingham and Hole In The Sky Festival:

18.09.2006: Tour Diabolical - Report from the road
The tour so far has been really well visited and that makes playing 31 shows in 35 days so much easier! Crowds are great and the band is really having the best of times on stage. Seems like the crowds (for the most) are willing to put down the same effort as the band, and that in itself is a recipie for a good show. So far the shows in Frankfurt and London have been the brightest highlights and tonight we are playing Newcastle for the first time, which should be good. Sadly we got the tour bus from hell, but we can continue enjoying this tour as longs as the shows are good as they are. Quote of the tour so far would be tour manager Marcus addressing Satyr as he was doing vocal warm up excersices to a tape with singing lessons: "Come on, we don't have time to play games; we have a show to play". Next tour report in a week with photos too.

Regards, Satyricon

05.09.2006: "The Pentagram Burns" exclusive video premier! proudly presents: the new Satyricon video "The Pentagram Burns" from the album "Now, Diabolical" can be seen here

04.09.2006: Scandinavian Diabolical - Another tour on its way!
The booking of the Scandinavian tour in November is coming to an end and will be announced shortly. For now there are three shows already on sale: Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen, Norway. We are looking at approximately 10 shows in Norway, 6 in Sweden and 2 in Denmark.

As a part of this tour we will realise our ambition to make the appearance of the brass section on the "Now, Diabolical" album become reality, live in concert. We have already done this in a scaled down version as a part of the P3 Sessions show that was a concert broadcast on radio shortly before the release of the album.

This time around we have been lucky enough to join forces with the whole cavalry and we have some of the best men from The Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra and Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra joining us on stage at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, November 4th. Please note that we are talking about big ass horns in various shapes and forms. There will be no harps, or violins for that matter!

Together with Øivind Westby that helped arrange brass for three of the songs on "Now, Diabolical", we are arranging brass for old and new Satyricon songs trying to give the songs a dimension and feel they normally don't have. We have moved the show to Sentrum Scene to ensure it is an all ages show. We hope this will be a spectacular night for us the performing musicians, and the fans. The show will also be recorded and filmed.

Win tickets to Glasgow and Nottingham

We have two tickets for each of the shows. Please indicate which one you would like to go to if chosen. Here are the questions:
  1. Satyricon played one festival in the U.K this summer. Which one was it?
  2. Satyricon played the U.K for the first time in 2000 opening for an American band. Which band?
  3. A British black metal legend performed "Havoc Vulture" with Satyricon on stage in Glasgow on that tour in 2000. Who are we refering to?
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