1993 : Dark Medieval Times
Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times

Walk The Path Of Sorrow
Dark Medieval Times
Min Hyllest Til Vinterland
Into The Mighty Forest
The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest

Line up:
Satyr - Guitars/Bass/Acoustic guitar and Nocturnal Voices
Frost - Drums

Recorded at Skoklefald (August - September anno 1993)
All music composed by Satyr (August 1992 - March 1993)
Concept and lyrics by Satyr (November 1992 - April 1993)
Produced by Satyr

"DARK MEDIEVAL TIMES" is a concept based upon the middle ages. Svartedauen 1349, and when the vikings ruled the Northern land. The music was created in my darkest hours and has it's source in overflowing medieval belief. Still the music is timeless and independent. Inspiration is taken from the great landscapes of Norway, and both lyrics and music are keys to the ultimate forces of time. Open the gate to "Dark Medieval Times" and bring forth to the domains of Satyricon, two great spears and a flag of sominion and hate. "Dark Medieval Times" is dark medieval music for the true ancient vikings of Norge.

© 1993 Moonfog Productions/Satyr Music

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