1999 : Intermezzo II
Satyricon - Intermezzo II

A Moment Of Clarity
I.N.R.I. At 251 BPM
Nemesis Divina (Clean Vision Mix)
Blessed From Below (Melancholy Opression Longing)

Line up:
Satyr - Vox/Guitars
Frost - Battery

Recorded at Ambience Studios (January 1999) - "A Moment Of Clarity" and "INRI"
Engineered by Mike Hartung
Waterfall Studios (January 1996) - "Nemesis Divina"
Engineered by Kai Robole
The Thorns Facilities (January 1999) - "Blessed From Below" by Satyr and S.W. Krupp
Sanrabb - Guitar on "A Moment Of Clarity" and "INRI"
Ingar Amlien - Bass on "A Moment Of Clarity" and "INRI"
Vegard Blomberg - FX on "A Moment Of Clarity" and "INRI"
Satyr - FX on all songs
Frost - riff contribution on "A Moment Of Clarity"
Mastered by Espen Berg and Satyr
Designed by Union Insomnia and Satyr
Photography by Marcel Lelienhoff
Styling by Sidske Van Der Voss and Satyricon
Make-Up by Alysia Cooper and Satyricon Mesa engineering from Guitar Workshop
Satyricon is legally represented by Debesche and Co
Music and lyrics by Satyr except "INRI": lyrics by Antichrist;
edited and partly re-written by Satyr; music by Sarcofago; new elements by Satyr

© 1999 Moonfog Productions

A Moment Of Clarity

Without beginning, without end (our lifeblood)
The road for the spiritual outlaw is never ending
And so is the hunt for all those answers
The devil may hold your truth, what a fucking relief it would be (to know)
Bluecold and the grim truth stands before you, all you ever wanted?

Descend and fly away to another day, another night
Sleep forever or serve to justify

The brand that you wear speak of what you are made of
It leaves you like an open book for everyone to read
Is this it, is this what you wanted?
The eye of the rest on your back
To be a part of the masterplan is the only way to spiritual hell
Drink to that and never forget where you came from
Cause there's no such thing as one way ticket to hell
What a fucking relief that is

Descend and fly away to another day, another night
Sleep forever or serve to justify


They say that you've born to the eternal kidnes
And that was conceived by divine gracethat
Came to finish with the pervetion and evil
And died on the cross to humanity save the pervetion and evil

Only start after you came because you was only a crazy lier
False saints were with you on your insanity
And the more stupids belived on you thieves and corrupts
Now eleited priests they sellet pieces of cloth saying it were yours
The chief of insanity now is reigning at home the pervetion
And evil only start after you came

Crist's Death day of your death arrive's inquest are open
For you lies don't be heard
Your only sentence is death miracles and words don't save you
You never will be the higher the hour of your death is now your life don't extend so forever

Nemesis Divina

Eder har gjort vårt rike råttent
Eder har gjort vårt gull rustent
Og flammene fra de veldige sletter er alt vi har å minnes fra verdig
Manns tid

Eder har bragt kvalmende lys i dragens hule
Eder har malt kors på hammer
Og vi har siktet pilen på menneskesønnens usle trone

Nemesis divina splinten i øyet på jehova
Nemesis divina kniven i hjertet på guds sønn

Eder har bragt elsk til fiende
Eder har gjort ravn til due Men det olme øyet er vendt mot eder og hevnens
Klokke ringer

Eder er vitnesbyrd om brente broer og glemte sanger
Eder er barmhjertighetens fedre og milleniumspestens budbringere
Dog skal en dag nå komme da eder barn i tre skal henge

Nemesis divina splinten i øyet på jehova
Nemesis divina kniven i hjertet på guds sønn

For stridsmenn har nå hevet øksen og bespottelsens tegn er reist
Nemesis divina - for straffen må komme

Blessed From Below (Melancholy Opression Longing)

Part. Melancholy
Salvation: A merciless hand from below holding the melancholy of a million strangled souls

Part. Oppression
So warm and glorious embraced in a black mass a mass which holds the pain of oppression

Part. Longing
I'll reach out for that salvation hand and accept it's shining blessing so that I can bear their pain and longing

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