1999 : Rebel Extravaganza
Satyricon - Rebel Extravaganza

Tied In Bronze Chains
Rhapsody In Filth
Havoc Vulture
Prime Evil Renaissance
Supersonic Journey
End Of Journey
A Moment Of Clarity
Down South, Up North
The Scorn Torrent

Line up:
Satyr - Vox/Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Frost - Battery

Recorded at Ambience Studios (March, April, May and June 1999)
Music, Lyrics and Arrangements by Satyr
Production affairs by Satyr
Mixed by Mike Hartung and Satyr
Mastering by Espen Berg and Satyr
Fretless Contribution on "The Scorn Torrent" by Bjørn Boge
Synth on "Suprsonic Journey" by Bratland
Make-Up by Alysia Cooper and Satyricon
Riff contribution on "Havoc Vulture" and "Tied In Bronze Chains" by Død
Percussion on "Prime Evil Renaissance" and "Havoc Vulture" by Fenriz
Riff contribution on "A Moment Of Clarity" by Frost
FX crew - Satyr, Mike Hartung, Ra and S.W. Krupp
Hammond organ on "Havoc Vulture" by Lasse Hafreager
Engineered by Mike Hartung
Riff contribution on "Havoc Vulture", guitar contribution on "A Moment Of Clarity", "Filthgrinder"
and "The Scorn Torrent" by S.W. Krupp
Photography by Marcel Lelienhoff
Rhythm Guitar and Guitar Solo on "Tied In Bronze Chains", Rhythm Guitar on "Prime Evil Renaissance"
and "Supersonic Journey" by Anders Odden
Art Direction by Satyr
Bass and Barritone by Satyr
Synth by Satyr
Guitar engineering on "Supersonic Journey" Svein Solberg
Girlchoir on "Down South, Up North" by Stelbis
Styling by Sidske Van Der Voss and Satyricon
Design by Union

© 1999 Moonfog Productions

Tied In Bronze Chains

Sinful Woman walk with me cause I'm the wolf on your shoulder
But complaint not to me, cause I'm the accuser

If you dare to withhold the immense power and the greed
You shall walk among us to subterranean fields

Why don't you come with me
And dance the snakepit dance
Rhythmic moves to the eerie bells, the boiling blood
Evils breath on your neck, the morbid rites

I'm tied in bronze chains
(so) where do all the flowers come from (in October 1997)
I am tired, should I care anymore?

The rusty claws who reach for me are too far away
sense no anger for that, be at one

The sleaze on the Wall is all gone (anyway)
It's just flowers, flowers

Come, come let's join the orgy
Decay and wine, sodomy all the way
No rest for the holy
Forbidden fruit is always best
Dirt'n filth tastes so good

I see the cross of Peter overwhelming their coward countenance
Oh you're so damned clean, now take my dirty whore, hellfire is inside her
Contaminate the clean, woman. Let him feel you're venom
It's the only way to release the chains
My candle is burning at both ends, I just want to be released before I go
It's a harsh voyage, to the land of sin

I had to make sure to bring 'em down with me
I am the last of my kind and I'm tied in bronze chains


Filthgrinder, no-love machine, cleaner
Unknown to remorse and pity
Cynical, electric fuckin murderer

What a scenery, the heavy pulsebeat of the
Unholy Alliance and the white fear

Take a look around and understand, (that) your day's are numbered
The demon on the Wall and the ticking clock
Closing in (on that final) grasp for air, do you still believe?

The future beast is rising and tyranny has come for 777 years
Reach out for mercy, it's just a bygone away

Filthgrinder - practise aggression
Filthgrinder - protect the wealth of the Elite
Filthgrinder - tremble upon the ugly

Trueborn creature, twist that Firm grasp of yours
Like in days of old

He can feel it, he knows they can't
To be in league with the underworld can't be mistaken
You don't believe, you know!
He chants a primitive gospel, so very hard
The mechanisms of destructive behaviour can be an artform in itself

The beast risen represents no so called dark mercy
Evil knows no good, good knows no evil
But a saviour he is in all forms, but religious
A Grand engine carrying years of built up Hatred And Powers
You know that, isn't that why I can smell your fear?
Your heart trying to rip it's way through your chest

Filthgrinder a beastified being risen from the collective hatred of an oppressed people
A people representing Pride, Dignity and Honour!

Rhapsody In Filth


Havoc Vulture

Wonder how it would be to be the great Redeemer
The one to bestow upon you life and death
The one to poison you when you're down
Or to be the one to hand you the crownofthorns-
When your hands are sore
(and) to save you from everything you care for

Are you bitter when you see how pale you are?
Do you feel hate without direction?

A kind of seed inside you that never blossoms
It is at the gallows end one forgets that everything
Has to have a greater meaning
An unrecognisable call drags you towards the unspoken word
To suffer Martyrdom for the others

The Saviour cut off your wings, somehow just to remind you that He exists

Those who wait for His salt with open wounds have a way to go
The shadow of you must rest (first)

Though I ask, why do you dig your own grave when others do it for you?

The force behind the hit cannot be mistaken
'cause He's the saviour with magnanimity and
...a light in the dark

Maybe it is intimidating more than lighting the way,
Where is the road going? To a place where you
Can wash the blood off your hands?

Where did the knowing go?
...With a saviour to transcendental kingdoms
Or to the valley of the forgotten?
Behind the vault of the sky's mystery lies a dream
Damned or saved, how could we ever know?

Prime Evil Renaissance

He would kill the whitedraped men
He would kill all holy men
He would kill the powers in control
To waste these jokers in this pathetic game

He would choke the sleaze pig
He would shepherd the sheep off the cliff
He would crush all organs of speech
To start the process of renewal

He would avenge the dead
He would crave divine protection
He would sing the songs of darkness
To call upon it to manifest

He would "mirror" himself in the tundra frost
He would rape it's virtue
He would disable it's ways of hurting him
To give him that advantage

This would be the way of the misanthrope
In order to create you must destroy

We would greet the nuclear morning mist
We would smile at all life dying
We would cherish each and every moment
And celebrate the return of Sin

We would bow to the planet's Iconoclast
We would march under the flag of Dominion and Hate
We would burn all conspirators
And their works with 'em

We would reveal the only truth
We would make them really sorry
We would show them Sovereignty in true fashion
And then be a reflection of their loss

We would soak up the last joys of our lifes
We would hail that grotesque destiny
We would walk on to the last glory
And hope for blessing to come

Supersonic Journey

A rotating silvercolored plateau, drops that dance down the columns
Blue, cold and the raging starwind
Glowing colors at fearful speed
Indistinct pictures of prophets and visionaries in a galactic fog

In outer space on an axis
In another reality on a supersonic journey

Inevitably he can see it, the lights are going out and he knows
If he just could make us understand
In the emptiness there is nothing that can draw the picture you want
Just a stillborn child on hands that fumble

Raging, raging at incomprehensible pace
The colors blinding, the plateau falls in outer hell
They disclose that we had to die...
We bit the hand that fed us

In outer space on an axis
In another reality on a supersonic journey

Is this what is yet to come, or a madman's reflection of the soul?
As when his heart cried out in pain when he perceived what
Burdens we were to bear

End Of Journey


A Moment Of Clarity

Without beginning, without end (our lifeblood)
The road for the spiritual outlaw is never ending
And so is the hunt for all those answers
The devil may hold your truth, what a fucking relief it would be (to know)
Bluecold and the grim truth stands before you, all you ever wanted?

Descend and fly away to another day, another night
Sleep forever or serve to justify

The brand that you wear speak of what you are made of
It leaves you like an open book for everyone to read
Is this it, is this what you wanted?
The eye of the rest on your back
To be a part of the masterplan is the only way to spiritual hell
Drink to that and never forget where you came from
Cause there's no such thing as one way ticket to hell
What a fucking relief that is

Descend and fly away to another day, another night
Sleep forever or serve to justify

Down South, Up North


The Scorn Torrent

Break down all conventional forms and create
Chaos to reinvent order
Rebel against all circles and dead ends
Fight your way with your mind set on the massees
Execute with mechanical aggression
Arrogance and extravaganze
March an unapproachable
Shut out the outside pressure
Or are you too weak?
When shall they see the REAL darkness?

In a world where our justice is replaced by mercy
...mercy for the inferior

The serpent's maelstrom is already here
Just waiting to be unchained
So feed the fire with the vile and let sincerity rule
Why can't you see that the armoured hostile aura
Is meant to keep you away in all your primal simplicity
(it seems like) fright procreates the downfall of the mind
Such a sin isn't it... the stagnation of it all

You must collect your instruments of battle
And protect, to emancipate that which lives within you

Rebel against the chains
Break down the embodiment of your pain
Attack with robot precision
Rise and Shine under Wings of Divinity

Now pick me up night and whirlwind
And let me ride with you
To peace of mind and nothing to Rebel

Satyricon © 2001-2011