Interview with Satyr (January 1995)

How's it going? Is there in Norway much snow yet?

Well, the winter is comeing over us and it's cold. My creativity is overflowing.

Let's talk about your debut LP "Dark Medieval Times", are you satisfied with it, music - and soundwise?

Yes I am. The atmosphere is great and it means a lot to me personally. Production wise it could have been better on some parts, but all in it satisfies me.

Are you happy with the sales of the LP?

The limited edition LP is sould out and we have sold ca. 5000 CD's. It's quite good, but not good enough. It's still selling.

Your second LP "The Shadowthrone" have just been released, tell something about it?

The coldgrim atmosphere on that very album is like a hammer in the face of god. Musically speaking we have intelligent northern Black Metal with a unique touch. Lyrically it turned to be very personal. A lot of people here in Norway has been very shocked and upset about the lyrics for some reason or another. The response has been utterly great and we have sold 5000 copies now, so we are satisfied.

When you compare your LP's, how do you see the bands musical development?

Production wise I have progressed, we have become better musicians (there are always new things to learn), and we are a lot grimmer now than back then.

How do you think Satyricon will sound at the year 2000?

I can't imagine, possibly an orchestra with a choir performing songs of the night and doom.

What do you think, is there any hope for mankind? Is the holocaust near?

There is no hope for mankind. For "us" it's still hope. Total death to

Besides playing in Satyricon, you are also the boss of Moonfog productions. Can you tell something about the label?

I started the label in January 1993 so we're actually two years this month. The label is owned by Tatra Records. They pay all the expences for the bands releases, advertisements etc. I am a sort of labelmanager and it is often me who has the last word when decisions are to be taken. Moonfog is a label with totally antichristian values and we are only doing services for antichristian people.

What do you think of the Black Metal scene in Norway today?

Well, the people I socialice with is my scene and they rule, but the fucking idiots who are new suck big time. Aaaahhh I hate them! There are some idiots in Oslo I hate so much from the root of my black heart. All these new shit bands who started up in 1993/1994 they suck. Still the 1991 generation of Norwegian Black Metal is without doubt the best in the world.

Last comments?

Kill the betrayers at Voices Of Wonder.

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