Interview with Satyr by Andy Harris

You have three albums out. Please introduce them to our readers.

"Dark Medieval Times", with songs mostly from 1992-1993, quite gloomy and atmospheric. Maybe a portriat of a medieval world. "The Shadowthrone", from the same period, maybe sounding a bit more Nordic and monumental. "Nemesis Divina" with songs mostly from 1994-1995, sounding hateful, harsh, violent, though structured and very atmospheric. Also, we have the split CD with Enslaved containing our second demo and a bonus track. That's "The Forest Is My Throne" (out on Moonfog Productions in 1995 - ED). And now in Europe the MCD "Megiddo" with quite controversial material on it. Puh... let the music speak for itself.

What are your thoughts on "Dark Medieval Times"? Are you happy with this debut release? What do you feel it has done for your band?

I am still very happy with it. As always, when you look back, you realize that some things could have been done differently, but it was an awesome debut which opened a totally new path in black metal.

So why have you moved to Century Media? Was it for the fame and money?

Yes, it was for the fame and money. Now we and Tatra can take our 3.000 dollars and just buy the whole fucking world. And let's not forget about the fame, see you at the House of Blues. And by the way, who said we've moved to Century Media, it's just a licensing deal.

You have been accused by many of becoming a rock star. How do you feel about these accusations? Many say that you have betrayed the underground for stardom (along with Ulver, Old Man's Child, Dimmu Borgir, Dissection, Dark Funeral, etc.)

What is your definition of many? No one ever said that to me. And if there were many, so what? Stardom, I'll tell you about it. Sleeping on the floor in the rehearsal room. Loaning money for guitar strings, eating cheap hermetic food, living in ridiculously small apartments. Lending musical equipment, etc. Stuff like that has been the boring reality for Satyricon for four years. The last year we have been able to make a living out of the band combined with our day jobs. Finally! If that is stardom, we have a lot of stars in the world. Concerning the underground, I have never felt like a part of it, so I can't see how I should have forsaken it. If I were so lucky to become rich on the honest effort I put into my music, why would that bother you and your so called many? Lucky for you and unlucky for me, that will never happen as I won't compromise with my music. Something I would have to do to sell enough albums to become rich. The rest of the bands I can't comment on, but my guess is that they are all very rich and famous. Too bad for you that your mind is infiltrated with filthy hardcore moral and attitude.

Moonfog has a manufacturing and marketing contract with Tatra Productions. What other labels does Tatra own? Why did you sign yourself as your first band? Why do you only sign bands you and Fenriz are in?

Seems like you know everything. Tatra signed us, we didn't sign them, as you should try to realize. This is just too stupid to answer, I feel my body burning. For those of you with common sense, there will be a CD with the old Thorns material, and a new Gehenna album coming up.

It appears that you and Fenriz like to take pictures of each other. What exactly happened on this glorious mountain trip?

I suppose this is your way of being funny.

How come you do not play guitar during Satyricon gigs, yet you played session bass for Darkthrone at the same show? Do you have a problem singing and playing your instrument at the same time?

I have some sort of muscular problem in my arm, it's called "Senebetenneise" in Norwegian. I don't know the English word for it. It makes my arm very stiff and painful after just playing a short while. Darkthrone had no one else to play bass at that particular gig in Oslo, so I drugged myself down with painkillers and did my best. With Satyricon we had an option. I'm in the process of training my arm up again now. I am able to combine singing and guitar, yes, though it is of course difficult. Naturally, I would like to present my guitar work on stage too, as soon as I am able to.

Why do you think all these Norwegian bands are joining major labels like Metal Blade, Century Media, etc? What do you think Euronymous would say if he were still alive? Do you think that he would have ever allowed the Mayhem album to come out on a major label?

Ask them! Euronymous wouldn't mind that at all. I recall him telling me about how important he thought it was to get black metal out to the masses. He thought that it would be easier to set the standards musically and lyrically this way. Who cares about his opinions anyway?

Last words...

Too bad this had to be so hostile ranger boy. It is you who decided the tone of the interview with your questions. Good luck in the future.
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