Interview with Satyr from "Tales Of The Macabre" magazine

"The Shadowthrone" contains song material like you have never heard before and the great production makes this album a hammer in the face of god. We have played the advance tape to a lot of people and the response has been superb. You will find the concept in the lyrics and the songtitles can also be found in the booklet. By the way, the album is also released on limited edition gatefold sleeve LP and Picture Disc (Great!!! ed.), both in numbered copies.

What has changed since your debut-album and are you still happy with "Dark Medieval Times"?

I have developed myself as a musician and human being. That results in the music's changing too. This time it's even better! Yes, I'm still very happy with "Dark Medieval Times" and it seems like the ones who have bought it seems satisfied too.

You have the typical high Norwegian Black Metal sound (besides of course the medieval elements), so do you think you're destined to use this kind of sound because you're from the north? Could you imagine having a sound like Celtic Frost or Slayer ("Reign In Blood"). Two bands who are very important for today's Black Metal?

No, the sound is not typical northern, because it's sharp as a razorblade compared to other releases of the north. We use this sound, because it's a wind of cold northern atmosphere. I love this sound, it makes me freeze in my soul. We could not have sound like Celtic Frost or Slayer, because our music is totally different. I like their sound, because it suits them. It would not suit Satyricon, because it does not sound northern.

On your debut album you seem to adore the medieval age, a dark indeed, but don't you think that it was only a dictatorship and triumph of Christianity? Also it was a time of less development (Both in technology and literature)

Absolutely not! The middle ages were full of plagues, death and misery. The atmosphere around it is hopeless to explain, but it was a call form an energy force which made me do so.

For what does Satyricon stand? Is there a special message behind it?

For me it's a Satyr as an icon.

Optically you look like a Black Metal outfit, but is it really like that in your opinion when you look at your concept? Do you really cultivate Satan or is it your spiritual bondage with darkness?

Spiritual bondage with darkness, misanthropy and strongest christ-hate in the world make us follow this path. Our drummer is a Satanist, me and Samoth aren't. I will continue to create majestic black metal for the black souls and spirits. My music is filled with atmospheres. If you think it's important, call it what you will. (Musically: Medieval Black Metal ed.)

Why didn't you record at Grieghallen studios like most Norwegian hordes do?

Because we didn't follow the other ones when it comes to do these kind of things and I don't like Pytten either. We either record in Waterfall or in the ancient spectre ruins.

You released your album on Moonfog, your very own label, so do you think it's financially seen an advantage?

Moonfog is a division of Tatra Records. I now stand as the owner of Moonfog, but practically they run the label. I help out with promotion and I do a little mail-order here in Norway and from now on I sign the bands. It's very good financially for the artists as we don't pay anything, we just get royalties.

You also released Neptune Towers, a project by Fenriz, so I suppose that further stuff is planned to get released through Moonfog, right?

So far we have released:

* Satyricon "Dark Medieval Times"
* Neptune Towers "Caravans To Kingdom Algol"
* Satyricon "The Shadowthrone"

Coming up:

* Storm "Nordavind" (Folk Metal project by Fenriz and Satyr)
* Darkthrone "Panzerfaust"
* Darkthrone "Goatlord" (the unreleased follower to "Soulside Journey")
* Satyricon "The Forest Is My Throne" (limited edition: 2000 copies, demo on CD)
* Isengard "Samlet Mot Gud Og Hvite Krist"
* Neptune Towers "Transmissions From Empire Algol"
* Darkthrone "Total Death"
* Satyr's solo-project which is atmospheric music with synth, acoustic guitar, percussion, bass, piano and vocals. Ihsahn (from Emperor) plays synth and piano. This is original music with a deep emotion piercing your soul.

Talking about Fenriz (The guy from Darkthrone if somebody doesn't know): you're doing a band with him called Storm, so please would you give us some info about that band? Can we expect something on vinyl/CD?

The album "Nordavind" is set for beginning of 1995, It was an idea I had for a very long time. I asked Fenriz if he would join me on the project and he did. It's basically old Norwegian folk songs which we make our own versions of. Viking styled vocals and tribal drumming give new fuel into these great old songs.

What differs Storm from Satyricon?

A lot! It can't be compared, except for the fact that the music of Satyricon goes back to my roots as in Storm.

How is it working with Fenriz? I often heard that he must be a weird guy?

It's ok, were best friends, but he can be very annoying too, ha ha. Yes, he is undoubtedly very weird. Vir er to norske brodre som alt vil gi.

There are a lot of bands coming from the area around Oslo like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Fleurety, Strid So how is the relationship between all bands? Aren't there any "true" or "untrue" fights or something like that?

My brothers are the rest of Satyricon, Emperor and Darkthrone/Isengard. I will go very far to protect these guys. And I expect them to go far for my sake too. I don't give a shit about the others you mentioned.

What does Mayhem mean to you and what do you think of Euronymous tragic end? Have you ever met him and what kind of person was he?

Mayhem means nothing to me (I wonder how he would have answered this two years ago. ed.), still though their album is good (the vocal is terrible) I respect Euronymous for doing a great job for the Norwegian scene, the label, it was good work. I met him a lot and he was ok, but too many negative sides were lurking around for my sake. He was too incompetent even though he did some good things for the scene.

What has moved you to form a band like Satyricon and what did you do before it's birth?

I am very related to nature and I want to recreate the atmosphere I feel. Before we started I was into the same thing. Metal and dark philosophies, wandering around the nature. I have developed and I feel great. The autumn casts a dark shadow over Norway and winter is at hand. This is my time of year

I heard you had some problems like fights with Manowar fans at one of the old metal warriors concert in Oslo. True?

No, it's not true. We, Enslaved and Dissection were there and we thought it was terribly shit. We never had problems with Manowar fans. Anyway, how could we? (Because people got angry due to your spikes as hurt people with it ed.) A bunch of bitches and mongoloid kids around 14 years. (Strange, here in Germany people under 18 were not allowed to enter the hall ed.) I got the ticket for free. Oh man how I hate Manowar (and worship the epic Bathory at the same time? ed.)! But I can't understand were you have got this from. Well, as usual, rumours suck.

How do you see the future for Black Metal in Norway?

The good bands will develop and grow stronger continuously, the weak bands will fade away, some have already done.

And of Satyricon?

We have been around since 1991 and we have come far. Two albums which sell very good and a great deal of respect for our art. I have already made four songs and six lyrics for our third album. We grow stronger! Kampen mot Gud og White Krist er i gang! . // // databet
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