Let The Artists Speak (20 August 2002)

What do some of the leading voices of the underground think of "Volcano"?

IVAR PEERSEN (ENSLAVED): "The Angst-soaked aura of this album is omnipresent; riffs, drum-patterns, lyrics and layout. Anja Garbarek's performance on "Black Lava" is allready a classic in my ears. There's a weirdness here which makes me feel very much at home..."

DAVID VINCENT (THE GENITORTURES, ex-MORBID ANGEL): "I'm very impressed. This is in my opinion the best work you have done. The instrumentation is brilliant. The production sounds wonderful. I am proud to be a fan."

ANDERS ODDEN (CADAVER INC.): "This album shows the originality of Satyricon in their approach to music, and will go down as a metal classic of this decade!"

BÅRD "FAUST" EITHUN (ex-EMPEROR): "Even though Satyricon have slowed down considerably on their latest album, the diversity in music is bigger than before. In my ears, this is their best release to date and whereas the mere black metal element is not so present as earlier, they have taken extremity to a new level that will probably take them fully up into the mainstream daylight."

SNORRE RUCH (THORNS): "Another black gem from Satyricon! For the rest of us to envy..."

CASEY CHAOS (AMEN): "Satyricon is one of the most important Black Metal bands Norway has ever produced. And this album can do for the metal scene what At The Drive In did for EMO."


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