Century Media U.S.A - Label in America
Ibanez Guitars - Satyr's #1 guitar partner
Mapex Drums - Delivers drumkits for Frost
Mentometer - Satyricon's booking agent in Norway. Contact: John Eivind Meland
Mesa Boogie - Supports Satyricon live and in the studio with guitar and bass amps
Moonfog Productions - Satyr's label and Satyricon partner
Roadrunner Records - Label for the world excluding Norway and U.S.A
SonyBMG - Label in Norway
Superlow - Satyricon's main designer throughout the years
The Agency Group (New York) - Satyricon's booking agent in the USA. Contact: Jeremy Holgersen
The Agency Group (Scandinavia) - Satyricon's booking agent in Europe. Contact: Tobbe Lorentz
Zildjian Cymbals - Exclusive supplier of cymbals for Frost
Nuclear Blast Records
Official Satyricon Website

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